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Learn Simple Way to Perform Audio File Recovery

Audio is a sound within the acoustic range available to human being. Audio file is usually compressed for storage and faster transmission. In addition, music tracks can be sent in short stand-alone segments - for example, as files in the Wav file format. The most popular audio file format nowadays is MP3. There’s no doubt that music play an important role in our daily lives. Many of us receive sound in real-time for a multimedia effect, listen to music, or take part in audio or video conference calls. You can even store your favorite song playlist in your cell phones equipped with memory cards. Since memory cards are small in size, portable, re-writable and have a brilliant feature of retaining files without the use of external power. Conversely, several incorrect operations will lead to the loss of your favorite audio tracks from memory cards as well as from your system hard drives. Now you may wonder whether you can recover audio files, which were accidentally deleted or lost? Don’t worry!! As you can easily perform audio recovery using reliable file recovery software. Which not only recovers audios, but video recovery from hard drive can also be done with ease.

Now let's figure out the reasons of audio file loss from your computer hard drives. There are tons of reasons which lead to audio files loss from your system HDD including virus infection and physical damage. Since, it’s quite necessary to clear up your computer for higher space so most of you delete the redundant or unnecessary files regularly. In such situation while clearing unwanted data from your system hard drive, you may lose your favorite audio files after unconsciously deletion, accidental deletion, quick formatting or even due to virus infection.

Also you can lose audio files from memory card due to various reasons such as abrupt removal of memory chip when connected to system, file system corruption, virus attack and interruption during data transfer. Viruses such as Trojans, malware, spyware, adware etc., are the most widespread cause of data loss from memory card.

To prevent these scenarios, you need to maintain a proper backup of all your favorite audio tracks, because after data loss you can easily restore those files from the backup folder. If you have not maintained backup of your audio files then you need to use efficient recovery tool to restore lost or deleted music files from your system as well as from memory card. To avoid permanent data loss, do not save any new files over system HDD and memory card, as saving any new files may overwrite the data which lead to permanent data loss.

You have an opportunity to attempt risk-free audio recovery and restore your lost or deleted audio tracks with just a few clicks. The file recovery application helps you to recover deleted music files from any data loss scenario. It provides audio recovery from formatted or corrupted media storages drives. You can even restore accidentally deleted or lost audio files easily. This utility supports PC, memory stick and memory card of different brands. Not only the music files, but also the lost videos and photos can be recovered easily by this professional file recovery software. This recovery software also facilitates user to recover lost video files from Sony Alpha NEX-5 digital camera and from other brands of digital cameras at your fingertips. You can also use this advanced software to retrieve MP4 videos from accidentally formatted Kingston Elite Pro 133X CF card and also recover videos from other brands of compact flash card in couple of mouse clicks. This software can also restore video files on computer deleted by mistake. All you need is to install this free download application on your computer, launch the program and follow the instructions using guide. Moreover, with this tool you can easily rescue videos files on SD card easily. For more information about regaining videos on SD card visit https://www.videorecovery.org/micro-sd-card.html.

Follow the steps to recover audio files:

Step i:Download and install trial version of File Recovery software. Welcome screen opens up with multiple recovery options as illustrated in Fig A. Select "Recover Photos" and then either select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" to proceed with audio recovery.

Recover Video from SD Card - Home Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step ii: Software automatically detects and displays the storage drives from which it can recover audio files as illustrated in Fig B. Select the Drive and click on "Next" to proceed further.

Recover Video from SD Card - Choose SD Card

Figure B: Choose Drive

Step iii: Once the scanning process is completed, you will get list of recovered audio files as illustrated in Fig C.

Recover Video from SD Card - Restored Videos

Figure C: Recovered Audio Files

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