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Restore AVI File

How to Recover AVI Files?

Audio Video Interleave, known by its acronym AVI is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft in the year 1962. AVI files contain both audio as well as video data and are mostly used in digital camera, cell phone, etc. AVI files have an extension of type .avi. When AVI video files are stored in your camera, you may be at a risk of losing them due to accidental deletion or due to any other reason. Since data loss happens everyday, a common question arises like how to restore AVI files after accidental deletion? Don’t worry!! You can easily restore your deleted or lost AVI file by using reliable and efficient video recovery software.

AVI files can be compressed with one or another codec’s like DivX, XviD etc. AVI4 files conform to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). It allows synchronous audio-with-video playback, just like the DVD video formats. These file supports multiple streaming audio-video features. There are instances wherein, while playing your AVI files notice that image gets frozen, but sound keeps playing. You can also view distorted or colored blocks when the image gets disturbed for a time. You come across this situation, when the header address of your AVI files gets corrupted due to certain improper handling issues leading file loss. Then immediately make use of this user friendly application to fix severely corrupt video recovery effortlesslessy.

There are numberless reasons that lead to loss of AVI files. Few most common scenarios are mentioned below:

  • Power Outage Issues: Your friend or neighbour might get you a copy of your favorite AVI video files of latest released albums. You go over it and start watching the video directly from the USB flash drive and suddenly system shuts down due to power surge. This may leads to loss of AVI files.

  • Low Memory Space: Sometimes the device into which you are recording AVI video files might be low on memory, and you go so crazy while recording that it just went unnoticed that the device is low on memory. As a result, your recorded AVI files may get deleted resulting in AVI file loss.

  • Due to Malware: Viruses are the most common reason for corrupting AVI video files stored in media card of your digital camera. Performing anti virus scan on you media card can be a reason of AVI video file loss because some critical media files may get deleted from the media card when it is scanned.

If you have lost your important AVI video files from media card on Windows OS due to any of the above reasons then you can still recover videos files from hard drive by using reliable video recovery software. But you should stop saving any new files on the storage device from where you have lost AVI files in order to avoid permanent loss of files.

Some features of this video file recovery software which will come handy in retrieving lost or deleted AVI files from storage device are this software scans the device and identifies all popular media file formats. Video files and pictures deleted from the flash card due to formatting can also be restored by this utility. This software supports recovery of video file types like AVI, MOV, MPEG, 3GP etc and even recovers RAW digital images. This tool repair and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side. You can also use this advanced software to recover MP4 videos from accidentally formatted Kingston Elite Pro 133X CF card and also recover videos from other brands of compact flash card in couple of mouse clicks. This utility supports AVI file recovery from devices such as HDD, USB Drives, External HDD, Memory Cards etc. This recovery software also facilitates user to restore lost video files from Sony Alpha NEX-5 digital camera and from other brands of digital cameras at your fingertips. Using this software, it is extreme simple to recover MOV files and AVI files on both Windows and Mac. It is the most preferred video recovery for Mac to undelete AVI files. You can view the recovered files before saving them. So you can just obtain the free demo version of this software and retrieve all audio, video and image files which were lost from your storage device.

Steps to restore AVI file are as follows:

Step i:Download and install trial version of File Recovery software. Welcome screen opens up with multiple recovery options as illustrated in Fig A. Select "Recover Photos" and then either select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" to proceed with AVI file recovery.

Recover Video from SD Card - Home Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step ii: Software automatically detects and displays the storage drives from which it can recover AVI files as illustrated in Fig B. Select the Drive and click on "Next" to proceed further.

Recover Video from SD Card - Choose SD Card

Figure B: Choose Drive

Step iii: Once the scanning process is completed, you will get list of recovered AVI files as illustrated in Fig C.

Recover Video from SD Card - Restored Videos

Figure C: Recovered AVI Files

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