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Retrieving Deleted Videos from Flip Camera

One of the most trending cameras in this hi-tech world, is flip camera which allows users to create video files with much more effortless way. As these kind of cameras are quite easy to use therefore, the video that are created over it are of high quality. If due to any reason such well treasured video file gets deleted from saved memory space area then it results in severe data loss scenarios. If you wish retrieving deleted videos from flip camera, then simply make use of this Video Recovery software. This application easily performs retrieving deleted videos from flip camera of different brands.

Video file deletion from flip camera can happen due to variety of reasons, a few of them are illustrated as follows:

Accidental Deletion: One of the repeated reasons of the video file loss from flip camera is due to unintentional deletion of the files. Mainly this kind of unanticipated thing happen when user is trying to get rid of the useless files or arranging the files in some order. Since there is no manual for data recovery from gadgets such as flip camera, therefore such an action means permanent deletion of the files.

Deletion while Previewing: One of the common tendencies among the users of flip camera is that every time they create any of the video file, they try previewing it. If while doing such a thing if user accidentally deletes the file, then it’s gone forever.

Deletion via Third Party Software: One of the major sources of viruses on any of the computer or laptop is due to attachment of peripheral storage devices. So, in order to keep such files at bay we usually make use of antivirus programs. If this program finds some of the video file infected and deletes them, then a very sorrowful situation develops.

Other Reasons: Besides deletion video file from flip camera can get missing due to different other reasons such as formatting of card, corruption camera card, improper ejection and many others. This kind of data loss can happen upon Android phones as well. For detail about it visit this link: https://www.videorecovery.org/android.html

All of these video file deletion scenarios can be easily handled by use of Video Recovery software. However to ensure that retrieving deleted videos from flip camera is done in best possible way, then follow the below mentioned measures:

  • Immediately after facing video file deletion from flip camera stop using it for saving any of the new files
  • Don’t format or reformat the card after any kind of data loss

Video Recovery software has one of the best user interfaces that allow users for retrieving deleted videos from flip camera. This application can also be easily used to perform audio recovery from different storage cards. As video file recovery procedure gets completed on the flip camera, users can preview the files in four different categories i.e. file name, size of the file, file format, creation date of the files. Some of the popular video file formats that can be rescued by this software are MKV, MOV, AVI, XVID, MP4, 3GP and many others. To know in detail about how to recover deleted video files from flip camera and camcorder, visit this link: https://www.videorecovery.org/camcorder.html

Steps to get back videos from flip camera:

Step i: Download and install software in your computer. Soon after launching the software, you will get the Main Screen with three different options, among them select "Recover Photos" to rescue videos.

Retrieving Deleted Videos from Flip Camera - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step ii: Select "Recover Lost Photos" option to rescue video file lost from storage device such as Camcorder, and select the drive from which videos needs to be rescued. Soon after clicking on "Next" will give rise to the scanning process.

Retrieving Deleted Videos from Flip Camera - Select Drive To Rescue Videos

Figure B: Select Drive To Videos Photos

Step iii: Once the scanning process is completed you can view the rescued video files displayed in "File Type View" and soon after that using "Preview" option to view the rescued videos from Camcorder.

Retrieving Deleted Videos from Flip Camera - Preview Rescued Videos

Figure C: Rescued Videos

Step iv: Soon after previewing videos you can save the session using "Save Recovery Session" option. If you are satisfied with the software you can purchase and activate the software to load previously saved and scanned information.

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